Vermiculite cushion

Vermiculite binder material for shipping

Use Vermiculite cushions to ship hazardous good

karolit Vermiculite cushions combine the excellent absorption capacity, insulation and cushioning properties of vermiculite and the liquid permeability and the dust density of tea bag paper.

Vermiculite is light, non-flammable, has a very high absorption capacity (up to 3.5 times its own weight) and is thereby particularly suitable as filling and insulating material for hazardous good packaging or other chemical compounds, as it can easily absorb liquids such as acids, alkalis, colors, thinner, etc.


mm-logistik magazine reported of karolit-Vermiculite cushions under:

Under the brand name Karolit Kreiter provides specifically for the transport of dangerous goods suitable cushion whose content consists of the expanded mineral vermiculite. read more


karolit Vermiculite pillows are available in the following sizes:

Size                                                      Filling            Absorbency

karolit 1815 (180 x 150 mm),          60 g                 180 ml

karolit 1820 (180 x 200 mm),         90 g                270 ml

karolit 1825 (180 x 250 mm),        150 g                450 ml

karolit 1835 (180 x 350 mm),        250 g                750 ml

karolit 1845 (180 x 450 mm),        340 g            1.020 ml

Other sizes and filling weights on request

Granulation of the vermiculite: 2-4 mm

Shell material: Absorbent teabag paper