Cardboard recycling plant (KVA)

The cardboard recycling plant (KVA) of karopack follows a very simple and yet intelligent and thoughtful approach:
Your giving to be comminuted material into the shredder of the KPA. This is very easy through a large opening and a large funnel. The material will be crushed and conveyed via screw in a large supply tank.
The packaging machine of KVA pulls paper from a roll, the paper formed into bags, the bags filled with crushed material and closes the bag. Finish is the high-quality, tear-resistant and dust-free cushions for the protection of your products.

With a cardboard recycling plant you have the following advantages:

  • No more disposal costs for old cardboard, waste paper, old brochures, catalogs, magazines, edge protectors and sleeves made of cardboard, telephone books etc.
  • No more costs for shredding your files
  • No more costs for the purchase of filling and padding material
  • High-quality, tear-resistant and dust-free cushions with excellent cushioning properties, which can be reused by your customers or simply disposed of in the trashcan.
  • Cost-effective printing of your company logo on the cushions and thus image-promoting dunnage
  • By working with recyclable materials an exemplary contribution is made to sustainability
  • The system can be operated with very little staff
  • The system can be operated very labor intensive



The karopack cardboard recycling plant can be adapted to different requirements. As a guide, his hereinafter referred to as the specifications for the plant „KVA 80.18K“.

Total space:
ca. 16m²

Total height:
ca. 3,5 m

Total power consumption:
ca. 30 KW

Cushions sizes:
width 180 mm, length from 200 mm to 400 mm

ca. 35 cushions/min (180 x 300 mm)

Size receiving hopper:
width 800 mm, 1235 mm deep, 1500 mm height