Cushioning material for packaging

environmentally friendly upholstery

is an intelligent, cost efficient and environmentally friendly solution to protect your products during shipping. Ideal both for void filling and padding as well as for stuffing and fixing of various goods. With karopack-cushions you have a solution for two problems.

The problems:
1. The cartons of your suppliers must be disposed. You pay for the container or the press, and for picking up the cardboard disposal.
2. You need a protective stuffing to ship your products.


The solution:
karopack is not just a product, but a conclusive concept. We will pick up your old cardboard and wastepaper for free. We use these cartons and fill them into paper bags. The result is a reusable and dust-free cushions with excellent padding characteristics. This, together with your secondary packaging will get you a perfect economical friendly packaging from mono material: sustainability at its best.

With karopack cushions have the following advantages:

  • No more costs for disposing your wastepaper.
  • High-quality, tear-resistant and dust-free cushions with excellent padding qualities to protect your products.
  • Easy to be reused by end customer or simple to dispose.
  • Cost-effective printing of your company logo on the cushions and thus image-promoting cushioning material
  • Environmentally friendly behavior through practical closed-circuit work flow
  • By working with recyclable materials is made an exemplary contribution to sustainability

karopack-cushions are available in the following sizes:

– karopack 1822 (180 x 220 mm)               
– karopack 1830 (180 x 300 mm)                
– karopack 1838 (180 x 380 mm)
– karopack 1846 (180 x 460 mm)                Other sizes on request.