Vermiculite is a mineral that can be achieved by heat-treating an enormous absorbency. By trockendes heating the mineral is so that the crystal water contained evaporates heated to approximately 900 ° C. The single crystal wafer are pressed while apart and the composition changes its density. As a result, the volume and the absorptivity increases significantly and also the ability for heat insulation is improved.


In the industry is referred to the treatment of exfoliated vermiculite. Due to its outstanding characteristics – it is non-flammable and extremely absorbent – it is ideal for packaging liquid dangerous goods. When transporting hazardous substances, acids or alkalis, the gaps between the product and packaging are completely filled with vermiculite. On the one hand leaking chemicals are absorbed and on the other hand the damage to the products and glass bottles will be avoided in advance, since the surrounding vermiculite layer protects from knocks. While many companies use the vermiculite granules loosely, a handy and dust-free operation can be guaranteed by Vermiculite Pillow of karopack.