What is Vermiculite

What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a rarely occurring mineral from the mineral class of the silicates and the order of the phyllosilicates. For use in various areas where it depends on absorbency and good insulation, vermiculite is pretreated by dry heating. At temperatures between 700 and 1000 ° C, the crystal water contained evaporates and thereby presses the crystal platelets apart. The volume and absorbency increase considerably, while the bulk density decreases. This material is referred to in the industry as expanded vermiculite. Since vermiculite – also after expansion – is non-flammable, but absorbent to some extent, it is often used for packaging liquid dangerous goods. For example, bottled in glass bottles hazardous substances are packed in cartons or tins and completely filled the gap between the glass and packaging with vermiculite. In this way, expiring chemicals are eventually absorbed one hand, the other hand, glass breakage is avoided in advance, since the surrounding vermiculite coating protects well against mechanical shock against the package.