Company History

Company History

(How the company came to be successful with padding material)

The “Kreiter GmbH“ was founded in mid-1995 with the purpose to produce and sell upholstery cushions for shipping good. This required a separate production facility that was developed and built and has since been developing.

After the first production line in Kirchardt had reached it’s full capacity in early 1999, a second production plant had to be set up in April 1999. This production machine is located in a sheltered workshop. From there the cushions are manufactured, shipped and invoiced, so that the customer can deduct a significant portion of the bill on his severely disabled compensatory levy. However, the contact for all questions remains at “Kreiter GmbH“.


Through increasing demand production lines for karopack padding cushions were opened at other locations in Germany.

In addition production plants called KVAs for the production of karopack-cushions are being built and sold to end users. According to the high demand on padding material of some companies, the investment charges off quickly. With the increasing costs for raw material, the cardboard recycling plant (KVA) is becoming a bigger demand to end users.

Since 2003, we produce karolit vermiculite cushions, as dust-free alternative for shipment protection of hazardous goods. „Kreiter GmbH“ is known in their field, for specialized production of shipping cushions and cushions for shipment of hazardous good and stands for reliable cooperation, sustainability and intelligent recycling.