CO2 neutral

CO2 neutral upholstery

To work climate neutral and sustainable is more important than ever

The detection of the carbon emissions or the carbon footprint of any company always forms the basis for the voluntary climate protection. That’s where all the major greenhouse gas emissions are calculated and recorded.
In this way companies receive the information, which activities are causing most emissions and where to start to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and their related costs.

The Kreiter GmbH is committed to protect the climate and is certified by the independent company ClimatePartner.
The accounting of the carbon footprint was carried out according to international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.
Due to these measures, the Kreiter GmbH is now capable to offer CO2-neutral cushions and thus not only contribute a valuable part to climate protection but sets new standards in sustainable business practices in terms of packaging padding. Together with our customers we look forward to a green future, in which we already contribute today.