The environmentally friendly solution for shipping temperature-controlled goods



Daily fresh produce and food are packaged and must be stored during

Of the transport are protected against temperature and vibrations.

The quality often suffers because not the right measures have been taken,

In order to protect the product optimally.

In practice, many environmentally harmful materials are used,

So that the goods arrive safely and in perfect condition at the customer.

Usually EPS, EPP, polypropylene and polyethylene are used.

Karotherm is the environmentally friendly alternative, which is effectively sensitive products

Protects against temperature fluctuations and shocks during shipment.

Arotherm consist of cardboard fiber flakes with excellent insulating properties in a flexible paper bag.

These meet the European guidelines for food contact.

Karotherm is available as standard in three widths: 215 mm, 265 mm, 305 mm. The length of the bags is variable.

In addition, karotherm is also available in chain form with two to four bags.